A complaint to Jump Juice Bars


Yesterday afternoon, I got an awful experience about being served badly at Jump Juice Bars in Jervis Shopping centre.

I was queuing to wait for buying my juice. There were three other customers behind me. We were in a queue waiting to be taken orders. But two of your staff members seemed like really busy with talking to some people(friends? or customers? I don’t know) , and doing their own thing.

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Study English in London


My classmate is a 20 years old Italian girl. She studied English in London for one year after graduating from high school about one and half years ago.

She told me that she hadn’t improved English a lot. She had to work really hard to earn money for bill and rental. Because the living cost in London was quite high. For example, She paid one thousand pounds for a room. She barely went to English school twice a week.

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My ladyboss wanted me to pay for the wrong order


Something happened to me last week. A customer ordered 5 spicy bags and some other dishes. The price was €50 in total. But he had given me the wrong time.

He actually wanted the food at 11pm, but he had told me 10pm. As a result, all the dishes were returned at 10pm.In other word, all the dishes had to be thrown into the bin, because they would spoil afterwards. It meant we had to recook all the dishes to the customer for 11pm.

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How to survive abroad?!


I helped my second landlord to post a rented notice on FB Working Holiday Groups. I had already written that :

1. I only forwarded the message;
2. The house wasn’t belong to me;
3. PLEASE did not send private message to me to ask anything about the house.
4. Any further information, please call the following two mobile numbers.

Because I wasn’t the person in charge and I couldn’t make any decision. In another word, I was a messenger only.

Didn’t I make it clear?! But I don’t know why so many Idiots kept sending me message asking about the room!

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My Great Country housemate



I stay in a shared house. All my housemates are Chinese. One of them is a middle-aged divorced woman. Her ex-husband is an Irish man. But she is barely able to speak English. And I have never seen her hanging out with non-Chinese. She only has a dog, housemates and few Chinese friends. That’s all her life in Ireland.

She is a straightforward and truly blunt person. She sometimes even said something without common sense or contradicted to her previous statement.

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當地的「遊客物價」是「歐盟水平」,所以到遊客餐廳吃一頓飯跟都柏林差不多,約從7歐元到12歐元之間,而本地人物價則在1歐元至4歐元不等。然後在市場購物,沒有標價的食物與物品都可殺價,250 Driham的項鏈可以殺到30 Driham, 圍巾可從150殺到 50 Driham。

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一直來以對於沙漠、冰川等極端的地理環境都有著高度興趣,雖然倫敦、巴黎、柏林等也被列在pocket list,但這些歐洲城市以後可再去,如今已經身在愛爾蘭了,想當然爾一定要先拜訪極地,尤其是大名鼎鼎的撒哈拉沙漠!


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Complaint an island hotel in Thailand


A translated article to my friend.

The Sunset Beach in Koh Lipe island, Thailand, is the best island for relaxing, but the service is the worst I have ever met. Even if they treat me for free, I won’t go back anymore.

I was attracted by the beautiful scenery on the internet. So I booked two rooms in this hotel for two nights in Chinese New Year via Agoda. There was RM300++ per room, so I paid for RM600++ by visa card.

I arrived to the hotel at 1pm that day I’d booked. but the staff told me that one of the room had gone due to management mistake. She suggest that we separated to two groups and one group moved to another hotel instead of staying the same hotel.

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