Go Skiing again



I always said I wanted to go skiing again during my Europe trip in early 2018. To be honest, I skied in Zakopane last winter. It was my first time to ski, but I found that I was addicted to speeding on the slope.

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My Chinese Housemate


My housemate is a 20-something young Chinese fellow. He grew up in a poor third-tier city in Southern China. He told me that they were encouraged to work as early as possible they can. Therefore, the average of educated level of most people in his area is secondary school.

Because of the poverty of the city, there were not many opportunities in his village. Most people there went abroad to work as kitchen porters legally or illegally in Chinese restaurants all over the world. Put it in other words, they did the donkey work to bring the bread home.

My housemate is one of them as well. He arrived in Ireland in June and started from scratch to learn cooking and English. Despite of the fact that he has been studying English in a language school in Dublin for four months, he was still unable to speak out a complete sentence in English.

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WH Experts


I have met many people who are the “experts” of Working Holiday recently. They have been going on working holidays among many western countries for years!

Frankly, Working Holiday is good for young people to explore the world and to experience the differences among cultures and countries.

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My new Gadget


It was too heavy for me to carry a laptop and other stuff commuting between home and the city centre every day. I thought a tablet would be relatively light when compared with a laptop.

Therefore, I bought a new tablet but I found it wasn’t user-friendly for typing afterwards. So I bought an external keyboard for the tablet…= =

When you start buying something, it is impossible to be stopped.

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What do you want in Your Life?


I met an Asian girl when I was skiing in Poland. She was working holiday in Europe at that moment.So far as I know, after graduated from a University in her country, she continued her further study in Europe for a master degree for two years.

Spending lot of money to study abroad, she didn’t go back to her country to work after graduation. She applied for the working holiday visa in order to carry on staying in Europe for another two years.

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An Immature and Clueless girl


I met a girl who used to working holiday in Ireland. She graduated from a National University in an Asia country. But she wasn’t interested in her major. So she became a bakery apprentice in a local shop with low pay salary for a year.

Then she applied for working holiday in Ireland afterwards. But even staying abroad, She neither worked hard nor played hard. She merely worked for few months then went back to her country for a holiday. Because she missed her family so much. She needed a break even though she was working holidaying = =…

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A complaint to Jump Juice Bars


Yesterday afternoon, I got an awful experience about being served badly at Jump Juice Bars in Jervis Shopping centre.

I was queuing to wait for buying my juice. There were three other customers behind me. We were in a queue waiting to be taken orders. But two of your staff members seemed like really busy with talking to some people(friends? or customers? I don’t know) , and doing their own thing.

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